55 – Down Wit SVG? Yeah You Know Me with Chris Coyier

In this episode we get to speak with “CSS MAN”, Chris Coyier. We talk with Chris about his new book PRACTICAL SVG, and dive into some of the reasons that our community doesn’t reach for SVG when we should. The conversation get’s into the details of his new book, and then we connect it back to Chris’s next speaking event at An Event Apart in April. Then we discuss the recent redesign of CSS-Tricks, and the logic behind the quick update. Then we talk about how Chris and Dave started the ShopTalk Show podcast, and the behind the scenes work that goes into each episode. We might talk about other stuff like CodePen too, but it’s hard to tell by the quality of the internet service in Miami-Dade County.

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38 – A Well-animated Web is the Future, with Engineer at CodePen Rachel Smith

In this episode we talk with Engineer at CodePen, Rachel Smith. We review her career path and discover why she came to the trend-setting global metropolis that is known as “LA-LA Land”. We also discuss the what, when and why of animation technology and explore the question of JS vs CSS, and/or WebGL vs Canvas. We also shine some light on the new features of an upcoming super secret CodePen project. We’ll then answer the eternal question of ephemeral reflection: “how do we live in a post-leggings addicted world?”.

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