64 – Trusting Your Heart & Values with Ben Callahan

In this episode we have the honor to speak with the president of Sparkbox: Ben Callahan. We talk a bit about growing up in a military family, and the values that sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. Then we discuss Ben’s thoughts on the process of learning by writing and why everyone at Sparkbox is an author on their site. We also talk about the CodePen redesign project, and how Ben first met Chris Coyier playing banjo in a serendipitous hawaiian evening.

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About Ben

President of Sparkbox and founder of the Build Right workshop series, Ben shares his ideas about the web on the Sparkbox Foundry and other leading industry blogs. He regularly works with large brand e-commerce to reconsider their web experiences while consulting to helping them shift their design and development workflows.

He’s also incredibly grateful for the team at Sparkbox as they pioneer new responsive web design techniques and continue to push for great user experiences outside the context of specific devices.

You can find him speaking around the world (http://lanyrd.com/profile/bencallahan/), rambling on Twitter (https://twitter.com/bencallahan), tinkering with his personal site (http://bencallahan.com/), or splitting wood in his backyard for next winter (https://instagram.com/p/j7r_TqA1MP/).

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63 – Talking Co-op Business with Interaction Designer Matthew Tyas

In this episode we get to speak with Interaction Designer at Co-op Digital and co-founder of ManchestersFinest.com, Matthew Tyas. We talk about the value of co-op businesses and the story of Co-operative Group Limited, one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, owned by millions of members. The narrative of its latest growth is how it’s gone from a design team of three to a digital team of over 200 in just over a year.

We also discuss the origin of Manchester’s Finest and how Matthew and his friend saw a unique opportunity to service Manchester businesses with an authentic voice.

Then we get into Matthew’s passion for music via Heavy Crates, a UK based record label born from a crew of long time crate diggers, producers, Dj’s and graffiti artists promoting some of the finest new underground Hip Hop from across the world.

About Matthew

I’m an interaction designer and front-end developer from Manchester UK. This means I spend my time sketching and building prototypes to validate user needs, service and journey mapping and building sweet, sweet front-end. Read more https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-tyas-74b24717/

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61 – Should Developers Design with Miguel Elasmar

In this episode we get to speak with UX & Product Designer Miguel E. Elasmar.  We discuss the design challenges in Healthcare, and its voluminous array of predefined guidelines. We also ask the question: Should Developers Design? There is so much emphasis on designers coding, yet not enough thought into the professional prerogative of the developer and their perspective. We also get the audio pleasure of having Miguel play Led Zeppelin’s Moby Dick in its entirety.

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57 – Roles, Titles, & Responsibilities with Quintin Lodge

In this episode we get to speak with Creative Direction and Design human, Quintin Lodge. We talk with Quintin about career roles/titles and how the industry distributes its hierarchy of responsibility and ownership. We also discuss empathy: empathy for the user and being able to empathize with what the customer wants.

About Quintin

Avid snowboarder, creative director, product designer, father, and husband. I help companies define and design new products as well as re-imagine existing ones. Recently launched Spring for iOS and helped Square re-imagine their products and services across multiple platforms. Currently working as Executive Creative Director at Spring, Inc.

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