65 – Learn, Do, Teach with Jenell Pizarro

In this episode we get to speak with Front End Developer Jenell Pizarro. We discuss Jenell’s magical alma mater Hufflepuff and her recent development education at The Iron Yard. We discuss her 12 week experience and the value of learning how to code.

About Jenell

Jenell Pizarro is a developer and teacher’s assistant at Skillcrush. She is an advocate for diversity in tech and is a member of various groups like Lady Developers, a group that champions female developers of all ages. Upon graduation from The Iron Yard, Jenell started Open Code Orlando which seeks to pair senior and junior developers to work on projects together and maintain an open line of communication between juniors and those they look up to as mentors.

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34 – How a Developer Advocate Opens a Brewery, with Brew Wizard Jeff Douglas

In this episode we talk to Trailhead Developer Advocate at Salesforce, Jeff Douglas. We discuss Jeff’s nationwide family road trip/Brewery Tour and identify how that research evolved into his newest entrepreneurial venture of the 3 Keys Brewing & Eatery. We ask Jeff the why, what, where and how of opening a brewery and review the financial and bureaucratic challenges that jacket such an endeavor. We also talk a bit about how beer quite literally saved the world, and how that might be the reason for Pokemon madness.

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